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Shaurya Sharma
2 min readSep 20, 2022

When you keep smartphones aside, another gadget that has had the biggest revolution in the last 5 years is the Smart TV! A decade earlier, people did not know if TVs could also be smartphones, but today, we see all kinds of powerful features and specs coming into smart TVs. Day by day, smart TVs are getting smarter and we are witnessing better features at lower prices! One such smart TV is the Blaupunkt Google QLED TV. Here are some features and specs of the device.

The Google QLED TV from Blaupunkt comes in 50-inch (Rs 36,999), 55-inch (Rs 44,999), and 65-inch (Rs 62,999) models, all of which have four built-in speakers and 60-Watt dynamic sound output.

It is a top-of-the-line TV with a stylish design and excellent acoustics, but it is priced competitively. It has no bezel and looks better when placed on a wall. Quantum dot LED (QLED) technology’s primary advantage is that it has strong contrast and tends to be extremely bright; as a result, the Blaupunkt Google TV has great picture resolution with better viewing angles and is an excellent option for viewing in dimly lit spaces. Furthermore, the handling of reflections is superb, and there is no flaring around shiny items.

The Blaupunkt Google TV is equipped with a QLED 4K screen with 1.1 billion colours, HDR 10+, a 60-watt Dolby stereo package speaker with four mounted speakers, and DTS TruSurround sound with Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, and Dolby Digital Plus. The 65-inch model offers 600 nits of brightness, compared to 550 nits for the 50-inch and 55-inch variants.

There are many apps you can download and the Google TV OS is simple to use. It offers 360-degree surround sound, creating a theater-like atmosphere in your living room or TV room. You may activate Google Assistant’s Far Range Voice Control to use voice commands to control your TV.

Your favorite OTT platforms have their own dedicated shortcut keys on the TV remote, and you can download apps from the Google Playstore. The Mediatek MT 9206 CPU is what drives the smart TV. Amazing performance and a robust communication network are provided by this CPU.

A nice TV with outstanding features that is less expensive than higher-end versions is the Blaupunkt Google QLED TV. The TV is simple to use, has excellent picture and audio quality, and has a seamless menu transition. Additionally, it has no issue scaling up content with lower resolution. This Blaupunkt TV is a smart choice if you are trying to save cash while still getting an excellent overall performance. What do you think about this smart TV? Comment down below!



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