How Students Can take Care of Their Mental Health During The Pandemic

With so much of uncertainty plaguing the country, students are finding it difficult to cope during the pandemic. During the entire pandemic, students have been trying to cope with what the new normal seems to be for them, ranging from online classes, travelling in the pandemic to appear for exams and constant tussle with occupancy of rooms in hostels. Here are some steps that you can take to calm down, center yourself and make yourself feel better.

Express your feelings

It’s okay to feel overwhelmed, confused, uncertain. What is important is that you express your feelings with someone you trust. You can also write a diary or make art to let go of your pent up emotions.

Get into a daily routine

When everything around us seems uncertain, having a structure and routine makes us feel in control. You may find it useful to plan out your time in advance and identify what you will be doing each day, so that you have something to look forward to.

Look after your personal environment

Identify or create a dedicated space/area that you are able to enjoy and feel comfortable in. It could even be a small corner of your room or a space in the balcony.

Take a break from social media

Doomscrolling will not benefit anyone. Stay away from excessive negative news coverage or social media and focus on yourself.

Be healthy

Eat, sleep and exercise regularly. Avoid excessive caffeine, alcohol or drugs. Develop new or revisit old hobbies. Spend at least some ‘me time’ even if it is for 10 minutes a day, doing something that you enjoy. Practice yoga, meditation or mindfulness to reduce stress levels.

Find a purpose

Take up a social cause like helping others who are less fortunate. Helping others elevates our self-esteem and adds to our resilience. But be safe while doing this.

Set realistic goals

You may need to revisit your goals or move the timelines of achieving them. Break your goals into small achievable targets and slowly move towards it.



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