How To Decorate Your Bathroom

Most of us don’t give much thought to this corner of our house because, well, who even looks at it that much. But trust me, a good-looking bathroom can help you relax, lower your stress and make you feel good about your house as a whole.

We use it every single day to maintain health and hygiene, plus get ready every morning. Although it can be a small space, the bathroom definitely has a huge impact on our daily life. Decorations can easily become clutter in such a limited space so try to keep things minimalistic.

Bring your small bathroom to life with some kaleidoscope patterned wallpaper. It will add a fun element while making the space seem a little roomier.

Keep your bathroom feeling fresh with a small indoor plant. Opt for an air purifying or aromatic plant that does well in humidity.

A great way to keep a small bathroom tidy is by using a few baskets and trays to organize supplies and toiletries. Place them in your bathroom’s cabinets or install a few hanging shelves.

In a small bathroom, making use of available wall space is essential. Use a corner or section of your walls to add a few shelves to place any toiletries or decorations.

When dealing with limited counter space, leaving it free of clutter will help your bathroom look open and clean. Instead, opt for a couple of large baskets to hold any toiletries or linens.

Create a unique wall art gallery with mismatching frames and photos. Use a combination of quotes, images and illustrations to tell a story.

Light colors like this soft, sky blue will add some freshness to your space. Paint your shelves, cabinets and even a few decor pieces for a cohesive look.

Gold, copper and neutral shades will always give any space a modern vibe. Include some geometric shapes and lines for a truly contemporary look.

Fun textures can really make something as basic as an organizer look decorative. Knit some toiletry organizers for a piece that’s both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Brainstorm a few DIY organization ideas that work best with your decor and needs. For a youthful theme, something like these hanging buckets will look adorable and practical.

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