How To Make A Healthy Pizza -

All of love pizza, right? Also, at the same time pizza is the reason of weight gain and obesity for a lot of people in the world. I was affected from the same condition a few years ago, when my love for junk food did not allow me to live a healthy lifestyle. Fast forward a couple of years and now things have changed. I have now started to cook and prepare delicious but healthy versions of junk foods like pizza to enjoy the benefits of health and taste at the same time. Let us take a look at how you can also bake a delicious pizza at home that can also be healthy at the same time.

  1. Whole wheat dough — Using a whole wheat dough can be extremely beneficial for health. While kneading the dough, make sure you use fat free milk ( if you use milk while kneading) and do not add a lot of oil.
  2. Make your own sauce — Marinara Sauce is pretty simple to cook. You just need a lot of tomatoes and onions. You can check the recipe online. A homemade Mariana sauce does not contain even ⅓ of the calories of a store bought marinara sauce.
  3. Low fat mozzarella — Using a low fat mozzarella cheese can help you bring down the calories of the whole pizza. There are other low fat cheese like Feta, but I love the flavour and pull of Mozzarella.
  4. High protein toppings — Avoid using processed meats or other high caloric topping. The best topping is roasted chicken breast. This will increase the protein content and make the pizza more filling.
  5. Lots of veggies — Add a lot of veggies on your pizza to make it high in fibre. Also, vegetables will increase the micro nutrient density of the dish, and it will be healthier to consume. Also, adding veggies will increase the volume of the pizza without increasing a lot of calories, which will also make the pizza more filling.

Do not use a huge spoon of butter to spread on the sides while baking, as it will defeat the whole purpose of cooking a low calorie pizza. Follow these steps and a delicious yet healthy pizza will be infront of you!



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