India’s Cheapest 5G Smartphone — Realme X7 5G

Exciting news for the 5G revolution that’s yet to arrive

Realme has recently released their X7 5G series in India, of which the Realme X7 comes with 5G support and is priced at Rs 19,999. It is available both on online websites and in offline stores. Let me tell you a little bit about this smartphone:

  • It comes with either 6GB or 8GB RAM

But is it worth buying? That depends on what exactly your expectations from this smartphone are and what your idea of an ‘ideal budget 5G smartphone’ is. Are you talking about the display screen? The camera? The processor? The battery? The Realme X7 does have an overall good rating when it comes to the phone’s specifications.

The Realme X7 5G is the company’s latest release in the budget category which also supports 5G. Categorizing a smartphone as the ‘best’ is not an easy task but the X7 5G does come close to a pretty good buy when it comes to the 20K and below range. Why, you ask? It’s because you get a wide array of smartphone features for the cost of just 20K.

The main highlight of the Realme X7 is its dedicated MediaTek processor, the Dimensity 800U, which has proved to be a worthy chipset. This makes the Realme X7 5G one of the best smartphones in this price range in my opinion.

If you compare the Realme X7 with other smartphones of the same range, you will find that it weighs slightly less, has a smaller display screen which is a better fit for people who don’t possess freakishly large hands that smartphone companies see to think everyone does. The Realme X7 5G weighs 176 grams which is quite an average size for phones of this budget. Even though it comes with a huge 4,5000 mAh battery, that does not add extra weight to the phone. Seems like big, bulky phones are out and slim and lighter phones are in.

Realme offers four 5G bands which is really cool because most smartphones seem to add only one or two. To be honest, I was quite surprised that Realme is offering a 5G supported smartphone at less than 20K. The highlight? The Realme X7 5G is the most affordable 5G smartphone out there.



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