Is It Worth Buying the Realme Narzo 30 5G?

Realme phones are usually good at performance levels since they come with high quality mediatek chipsets. This one is the same. The Narzo 30 5G is quite a good performer for the price as the Narzo 30 5G breezes through day-to-day performance with the Dimensity 700 gaming chip inside.

Plus, the design + the performance of this phone is in line with what you would get for the price anywhere. Apart from the impressive Dimensity 700 chipset inside, the phone features a good looking design that’s not very bland or too loud.

There is an asymmetrical strip on the back like most recent Realme phones. However, it thankfully doesn’t carry the large ‘Dare To Leap’ branding which makes the phone look much better. The sides even get a metallic finish that gives the device a premium look.

From what I can see so far, the Narzo 30 5G has a pretty good display screen. It features a decent FHD+ screen which is bright and also fluid thanks to the 90Hz. Although it’s an LCD panel it still gets really good colours and contrast levels.

The viewing angles are more than good enough for a real-life usage scenario. However, the size of the punch hole camera on the top left felt slightly larger than most devices. Not a deal-breaker, but just something worth pointing out.

The Realme Narzo 30 5G aims to find that perfect sweet spot between 5G support and not compromising other specs to fit the 5G tag with its mediatek 5G SoC. It also doesn’t skip out on the 5G bands, offering 7 bands for the next gen network. I really think its price tag of Rs 15,999 is worth it.

You can run multiple apps at once and casual games are not a problem. You can even play some more resource heavy titles like Battlegrounds Mobile India but at medium graphic and frame rate settings.

Apart from having a kick-ass battery, dimensity processor, design, display and refresh rate, the Narzo 30 5G has a superior camera setup as well. The 48MP main camera on the Narzo 30 5G gets really good shots. The colours are punchy, making the images pop. Plus, the shutter speed is quite fast and the overall experience you get is good considering this is still a budget device.

This is what cinches in the deal for me. Otherwise, it is quite similar to the Realme 8 as well.




Pop culture whiz. Social Media junkie. Web guru. Unapologetic Trash TV connoisseur. I write more than I read. Talk to me about all things Tech.

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Shaurya Sharma

Shaurya Sharma

Pop culture whiz. Social Media junkie. Web guru. Unapologetic Trash TV connoisseur. I write more than I read. Talk to me about all things Tech.

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