Lava Blaze 5G Has Launched!

With everything being promoted to be made in India, why not quality smartphones? We all know that 5G connectivity has entered the Indian borders, so don’t you think we should have our very own 5G smartphone? Well, now we do! Lava comes to the rescue here, as the smartphone brand has launched a Lava Blaze 5G smartphone, which is India’s first and cheapest 5G smartphone. You will be shocked to know the price, which I will reveal at the end of this blog. First, let us look at some of the main features and specs of smartphones -

  1. Incredible display quality! The smartphone sports a 6.52-inch screen that supports a 90Hz refresh rate and has an IPS LCD screen board. HD+ quality is used for the display. Even if the smartphone’s screen is vibrant and vivid, I still wish it had an FHD+ display because that would have greatly increased the smartphone’s worth.
  2. This smartphone’s design is a major positive. The Lava Blaze 5G has a back panel with texturing and a straightforward, glossy appearance. Due to the thin bezels and the slight chin, the waterdrop notch on the front side looks fantastic.
  3. A Mediatek Dimensity 700 CPU powers the Lava Blaze 5G smartphone. Two Arm Cortex-A76 running at up to 2.2GHz and six Arm Cortex-A55 running at up to 2GHz make up the processor. In order to achieve quicker speeds and greater frame rates, this chip was also built using a 7nm fabrication method. The processor performs well in terms of gaming and multimedia.
  4. According to its budget, this smartphone’s camera quality is also good. This smartphone sports a triple camera configuration with a 50 MP (wide), 2 MP (macro), and a VGA lens, unlike many others that only offer a 13 or 8MP camera at the back. It sports an 8 MP (wide) camera on the front.
  5. The smartphone comes with a 5000mAh battery along with 10W fast charging. The Lava Blaze 5G smartphone can last for a long time, as it has an efficient processor and a power-saving screen.

Now, coming to the price. The Lava Blaze 5G carries a surprising price tag of just Rs 10,000! Yes, now you can get 5G performance with a powerful Mediatek Dimenisty processor and a 50MP camera at just Rs 10,000. Lava Blaze 5G is clearly miles ahead of the competition, and I guess it is easily one of the best smartphones under Rs 10,000.



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