Lava Blaze Pro — All Features & Specs

Lava is back into business, and it has launched a second high-quality smartphone this year, which is also a successor to the last one, called Lava Blaze Pro. The smartphone falls into the budget-friendly section of devices and carries some interesting features and specs. Here are some of the major features of the smartphone.

Design — With the exception of the frosted glass back design, the Lava Blaze Pro appears exactly like its previous version, the Lava Blaze. The phone’s frame is comprised of slick plastic that is readily fingerprinted due to its smooth texture. A volume button is located above the power button on the frame, which also functions as a fingerprint scanner. The arrangement of the buttons is ideal, allowing for convenient one-handed use.

Display — A 6.5-inch IPS HD+ screen with a 90Hz refresh rate is included on the Lava Blaze Pro. Bright, colorful, and responsive describe the screen. The screen performance and quality are acceptable given the phone’s cost. It has a normal color profile by default, but display options allow you to adjust it for vibrant and cool colors.

Performance -With up to 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage, the MediaTek Helio G37 system-on-chip powers the Lava Blaze Pro. To expand storage, the phone contains a microSD card slot (up to 256GB). It starts the stock Android 12 os without any bloatware or ads. The Lava Blaze Pro is effective in terms of price performance.

Camera — A 50-megapixel primary sensor, a 2-megapixel ultra-wide-angle sensor, and a 2-megapixel monochrome lens make up the triple camera system on the back that takes pictures. The rear camera system is effective in terms of price-to-performance. However, don’t anticipate high-quality results. Zooming on the camera is challenging. Zoomed images lack details, and noise can be seen throughout the frame. The phone boasts an 8MP camera sensor up front. Both selfies and video calls work well with it.

Battery — The smartphone has a 5000mAh battery along with 10W charging. The battery will surely last long because of the efficient screen and processor.

In my opinion, all these features are nice, especially when you consider the fact that this smartphone costs less than Rs. 10,000. What do you think about Lava Blaze Pro? Comment down below!



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