Moto G22 — My Experience

I have been using the Moto G22 smartphone for the past week, especially to be able to write this review. When this smartphone was announced, I was extremely hyped about the quality and specs of this device. Moto has always been known for providing top quality smartphones in all price ranges, and this time also, Motorola has done the same with Moto G22. The Motorola Moto g22 price in India is around Rs 11,000, which is a decent cost, especially when you look at the awesome features this smartphone provides. Let me tell you my experience about the smartphone, and the things I liked and did not like about the smartphone, to give you an unbiased Motorola Moto g22 review.

What I liked

Looks — If you really want an extravagant-looking device, Moto G22 is the most ideal one for you. This cell phone has astonishing looks and design. It has a cleaned and premium back panel with a glass-like completion. The front side has flimsy bezels, a chin, and a little punch hole.

Cost — The cost of this device is around Rs 11,000. This sticker price is extremely intriguing as presently there is a large number of smartphones in this range however presently not a considerable lot of them are offering the benefits for the price Motorola guarantees with the new Moto G22.

Processor — Talking about the gaming experience, the Mediatek Helio G37 processor has controlled this smartphone. Motorola Moto G22 is formally the first smartphone to be controlled by the Mediatek Helio G37 processor. This cell phone is ensured to have an extremely elevated degree of effectiveness and perfection because of the ability of the processor. Likewise, Mediatek Helio processors are additionally known for their availability and gaming administrations, which will merit encountering in the Moto G22.

Quick refresh rates — This cell phone has quick 90Hz refresh rates. Generally, we just see 60Hz refresh rates in this cost range, and the high measure of refresh rates give an edge to the Moto G22 by giving elite execution in sight and sound and gaming experience.

What I did not like

Single RAM variation of 4GB — Despite the way that the Mediatek Helio G37 processor is extremely quick, I figure one more variation of a higher RAM might have been helpful for individuals who need more grounded execution.

HD+ show — Nowadays, cell phones of this cost range are giving an FHD+ display, however, Motorola has chosen to stay with an HD+ display. The consideration of the FHD+ display might have been really great for the display and sound insight.

As you can see, the likeable features of this smartphone heavily outweigh the underwhelming ones, there I think Motorola G22 is the best Motorola Moto phone of recent times. Comment your opinions below.



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