Motorola Revou 2 Smart TV — One Of The Bests?

We have seen a lot of activity in the smart TV segment this year. First Oneplus, then MI, and now we have another entry into the race to becoming the best smart TV of 2022, the Motorola Revou 2 Smart TV. After the success of Revou 1, Motorola is back with its successor. The smart TV provides fabulous performance along with a very nominal price, and I think we must dig deep into its specs and features to understand the pros and cons of this device. Let us begin -

Build — Just like its predecessor, the Motorola Revou 2 Smart TV is also built with strong quality. It has a metallic back and very solid protection. The finish on the smart V gives a premium look to it. It has very slim bezels, and the look of the smart TV is also very attractive. Also, the stands given with the Smart TV are also of high quality.

Performance — Talking about the technical aspects, this smart TV has been powered by Mediatek MT 9216 Quad-core processor. The processor is pretty fast and guarantees an exceptional gaming experience by TV standards. Also, browsing is also very smooth, as there are no lags or other common issues to be seen while operating this smart TV.

Display — The Motorola Revou 2 smart TV comes with a 4K resolution along with a VA panel. The refresh rates of the screen are 60Hz. The smart TV also has the support of Dolby’s vision for an exceptional video experience. The smart TV has an amazing dynamic range along with detailed colors. The display of this smart TV also has a 5000:1 contrast ratio and high brightness levels.

Audio — A good audio quality is also as important as video quality. To fulfill it, Motorola Revou 2 comes with 24W speakers that support Dolby Atmos audio. These speakers are loud and clear.

Memory — This smart TV comes with 2GB RAM and 8GB storage, The RAM management system is good, and so is its memory optimization, therefore you would not have to suffer from late responses from the TV when you browse through it.

Price — The smart TV comes in three sizes (43’inch, 50’inch, and 55’inch) and it is priced at Rs 27,000, Rs.32,000, and Rs. 38,000 respectively.

According to me, the price of this smart TV is very good, and the features totally justify the nominal cost that you have to pay to get this TV home. In my opinion, it is one of the best smart TVs in the market right now, and if you are looking for the same, Motorola Revou 2 is a very good option.



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