Nokia Smart TVs — A Pleasant Surprise

The best gifts come at the most unexpected times. I think Nokia took this saying very seriously when it was time to release their latest range of smart TVs, as they launched 5 different smart TVs out of nowhere. 2022 can be a major turnaround for Nokia in the smart TV market because of this release. Nokia Smart TVs have caught the attention of many fans and users across the globe, and these latest devices are being praised for being highly capable. Here are some facts about the latest Nokia releases that you did not know.

  1. Nokia has released 5 smart TVs. One of these smart TVs has an HD display, one has an FHD display, and the other three have 4K displays. The HD Smart TV comes at a size of 32’inch, the FHD variant comes at a size of 40’inch, and the three 4K variants come in the following sizes — 43’inch, 50’inch, and 53’inch.
  2. Nokia has equipped these smart TVs with a Mediatek MT 9216 processor. It is a quad-core processor and has been known to power excellent smart TVs for a long time. Also, these smart TVs have the support of Mali GPU for amazing graphics.
  3. Nokia Smart TVs come with 24W speakers that are equipped with Dolby Atmos support. The speakers are amazing and deliver loud but clear sound.
  4. The display of these TVs is also colorful and clear. The 4K variants also have Dolby Vision, which will surely enhance the multimedia experience of the Smart TV.
  5. Connectivity features in all these smart TVs are very capable. Mediatek MT 9216 has been known for providing excellent network features with little to no connectivity drops. This range has dual Wifi connectivity along with an efficient Bluetooth connectivity.
  6. The 4K variants have 2GB of RAM, and the non-4K variants have 1 GB of RAM. All smart TVs have 8GB of storage space. The 4K variants also have MEMC technology for smooth gaming.

Looking at all these features, I can surely say these smart TVs are going to become fan favorites for their awesome features and a nominal price. Comment your opinion below.



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