Oppo A53s 5G: An Attractive and Affordable 5G Smartphone

Everyone has been talking about 5G for the past year. And phone brands have listened to their customers. Not only are buyers looking to get the most bang for their buck, but they also want a device that can last the next few years. This means that buyers need to look for a device that not only offers decent specifications, but also a number of features that will become commonplace in the near future.

Oppo is a brand that has strived to offer buyers the best possible value when it comes to their smartphones. It can also be seen in the brand’s latest smartphone, the OPPO A53s 5G. The newest member of OPPO’s long running A-Series continues from where the recently launched OPPO A74 5G left off.

A feature-packed future-proof offering with an attractive price tag. In fact, the OPPO A53s 5G is now the most affordable 5G smartphone with 6GB RAM in the market yet. The device is priced at just Rs.14,990 for the 6GB RAM/128 ROM version and Rs.16,990 for the 8GB RAM/128 ROM.

At the heart of the Oppo A53s 5G is the MediaTek Dimensity 700 SoC that supports Dual Sim 5G. This allows both the SIM slots on the phone to offer 5G connectivity on both SIM cards.

The device comes with Smart Antenna Switch technology that equally distributes 5G antennas all through the phone. This lends a stable 5G connectivity regardless of the way you hold the phone. So if you’re having a video chat in portrait mode and suddenly switch to landscape mode, you should have no problems with connectivity.

For added network stability, the phone comes with 5G + Wi-Fi Dual Channel technology. This technology allows the use of 5G and Wi-Fi networks simultaneously. This should allow for a more stable internet connectivity as a single network is no longer responsible for all the data transfer. This means that you should be able to download a file and stream a movie at the same time without hampering each other.

With 5G just around the corner, the smarter 5G technology in the OPPO A53s 5G makes it future ready. In fact, the phone is the most affordable 5G smartphone with 6GB RAM in India right now!

The OPPO A53s 5G also comes with ColorOS 11.1, which is based on Android 11. Besides the usual benefits that come with Android 11, the phone also comes with a bunch of added features designed to improve user experience in other words, users should enjoy a smoother UI, even after a long time of use.