Pentonic 1000 — A New Processor For Smart TVs

Today saw the launch of MediaTek’s newest flagship smart TV system-on-chip, the Pentonic 1000. The SoC includes built-in 4K 144Hz display capability. In order to allow simultaneous watching of numerous streams of material, the Pentonic 1000 combines Wi-Fi 6/6E compatibility, MEMC for smoother video, a powerful AI CPU, Dolby Vision IQ with Precision Detail, and 8-screen Intelligent View. The chipset also provides compatibility for the most latest video codecs and global TV broadcast standards on a single platform. These are the specifications for the Pentonic 1000 CPU.

  1. The MediaTek Pentonic 1000 integrates a dedicated AI processing unit (APU), dual-core GPU, a powerful quad-core CPU, and video decoding engines into a single chip. The chipset can support VRR up to 4K at 144Hz and resolutions up to 4K at 144Hz for gaming applications. It offers an Auto Low Latency Mode for lag-free play and supports extremely high frame rates for more fluid gameplay (ALLM).
  2. Users can watch multiple media sources at once and take part in video conferences with friends while enjoying stunning picture quality across all views thanks to MediaTek’s exclusive Intelligent View technology. By allowing users to simultaneously display up to eight views, Intelligent View sets itself apart from the competition.
  3. Precision Detail, a new addition to Dolby’s family of Advanced Imaging technologies made available through Dolby Vision IQ, reveals amazing detail in both bright and dark areas, allowing users to get more from Dolby Vision content. Images on 4K smart TVs acquire a new dimension with astounding clarity thanks to the addition of texture and depth. The latest developments in image technology from Dolby can be used with MediaTek’s Intelligent View technology to process several Dolby Vision streams at once in addition to Precision Detail.
  4. In comparison to competing multi-chip systems, the on-chip AI engine of the Pentonic 1000 offers industry-leading AI advancements with improved performance and power efficiency. The company’s AI-Image Quality (AI-PQ) technologies enhance picture quality for realistic depth perception that brings content to life, while MediaTek’s improved AI-Super Resolution (AI-SR) technology enables edge smoothing and detail reconstruction to make FHD look like 4K.
  5. The processor’s connectivity is quite quick. Customers can continuously enjoy 4K streaming and low-latency Cloud gaming thanks to Wi-Fi 6/6E capability. Along with Dolby Atmos immersive sound, the chipset also offers cutting-edge voice assistant functions that enable users to link their smart TVs to other smart home devices.

With four A-73 cores, the Pentonic 1000 processor will surely impress a lot of users. Comment your opinions below!



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