Poco M4 Pro 5G — My 1 Month Experience

Shaurya Sharma
3 min readMar 25, 2022


A month ago, I bought the latest Poco M4 Pro 5G for my usage, and I wrote a blog about its features and specifications also. After a month of usage, I have finally made my mind upon which features I like about this smartphone and which features could have been better in my opinion. Let us dig deep once again into the Poco M4 Pro 5G smartphone and see which decisions did go into Poco’s favor and which features failed to impress an unbiased user like me. As there certainly are more good features than bad, let us talk about the good features first.

What I Love:
Priorities straight, the vibe of this smartphone is hypnotizing. You would in a flash fall in love with this smartphone. The matte completion at the back alongside a brilliant line that stumbles into the side edge makes this gadget hard to disregard. Additionally, the Poco marking done on the back panel close to the camera adds to the style of the cell phone and doesn’t look constrained. The build quality is also great, and the phone might have slipped from my hand a few times but due to the strong build, no harm was caused to the device.
The video viewing experience on Poco M4 Pro is likewise really noteworthy. The 6.6-inch IPS Full HD screen alongside 90Hz revive rates ensure that you have the best video watching experience, To praise the video part, Poco additionally gives sound system speakers with fair sound quality.
A most agreeable aspect concerning this gadget is its price tag. The cost of Poco M4 Pro beginnings at about Rs 15,000. At such a reasonable value, I sincerely have not seen such an astonishing scope of highlights and determinations in a cell phone. This cell phone definitely is a gamechanger in its cost range.
Besides, the display of the new Poco M4 Pro 5G is laser quick and very solid simultaneously. All of this is a result of Mediatek Dimensity 810 processor that has been coordinated into this cell phone. This is a gaming-focused gadget and the chipset most certainly helps in upgrading that experience for the user. There are minimal slacks or frame drops that you would notice while playing elite games even in top-end settings.

Things I do not love:

Predictably, the brightness levels of the Poco M4 Pro were a little less for me, and they could most certainly have been a little better. It very well may be somewhat challenging for certain people to work this smartphone under daylight.
Also, the UI of the cell phone is great, but it is loaded up with some garbage applications that one doesn’t actually require, so it is ideal to dispose of them once you set up your Poco M4 Pro.

In conclusion, my 1 monthly experience has been exceptional, and I look forward to using this smartphone a lot more often now. For the price of Rs 15,000, I do not think you can get anything better.



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