Redmi K50 Pro Plus — Potential Features That Surprised Me

Redmi K50 Pro Plus smartphone has been creating major buzz in the market currently, and trust me, the official details have not even been released yet. Following the masses, I also read about the smartphone, and I too was surprised to read about some features that may come the flagship smartphone. Firstly, this smartphone is powered by the Mediatek Dimensity 9000 chipset, and it is the first phone to have this chipset. Mediatek Dimensity 9000 is made on the 4nm fabrication process, which means this smartphone is going to highly efficient and capable. Also for GPU, it has Mali G710, which is one of the graphic processing units in the market currently. But I have talked about all this in my previous article, and this is not it, there are a few features that are not confirmed yet but they surprised me a lot. Let us go through those features.

8K recording — You heard it right, Redmi K50 Pro Plus is expected to have 8K video recording feature at 24fps. Apart from this, you can also except Redmi K50 pro plus to have 4K video recording at 60fps in the rear camera and 4K recording at 30fps in the front camera. Apart from this, the camera is also going to have OIS feature in its cameras.

RAM Structure — The Redmi K50 Pro Plus is going to come with 2 RAM variants, 8GB and 12GB, with 256GB storage. The RAM might be of LPDDR 5 type and the storage might be of UFS 3.1 type. This means the multitasking and heavy task handling of this smartphone is going to be on another level.

2K display — Redmi K50 Pro Plus might come with a 2K display along with a Super AMOLED panel, which will have 120Hz high refresh rates. This means Redmi K50 Pro Plus will have the best display and content consuming experience. Also, with 1500 nits, the brightness is also going to be extremely high. And the touch sampling rate of 1000Hz might also be seen in this smartphone.

Connectivity — We all know Mediatek Dimensity is known for its exceptional connectivity. Redmi K50 Pro Plus might be the first smartphone to have the BlueTooth 5.3 support. Also, it will have WiFi 6 support along with all other essential connectivity features and sensors.

Looking at this range of specs, I can assure that even if half of them come out to be true, Redmi K50 pro plus is going to be an amazing smartphone.



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