Redmi K50 Pro Plus — What To Except

For the last few days, the whole smartphone community is going crazy over one smartphone, Redmi K50 Pro Plus. Officially, the features and specifications of this smartphone have not been announced, but from leaked images and feature leaks, this smartphone looks amazing in its performance and capability. I too am excited to write about the new Redmi K50 pro plus as this smartphone will be the first impactful flagship device of 2022. Let us look at some features that you can expect in the upcoming Redmi K50 pro plus.
Display — Talking about the display, Redmi K50 Pro Plus might have a 2K resolution or a QHD+ display with a Super AMOLED screen. The refresh rates can also be high, up to 120Hz. For me, the possible pixel density of 550 PPI is the most interesting display feature. Also, Redmi K50 Pro Plus might have 1500 nits of brightness,
Processor — One thing I know for sure is that this smartphone is going to be powered by Mediatek Dimensity 9000 5G processor. This process comes in the flagship category and my opinion is the best smartphone processor in the market at this stage. The Mediatek Dimensity 9000 has eight cores with a maximum clock speed of 3.05GHz. For graphics, Mali G710 GPU is going to be put to test, and this GPU is also one of the best graphic processors in the market right now.
Camera — The camera quality is also expected to be at power with the performance and the display of the smartphone. Redmi K50 Pro Plus is expected to have a 108 MP triple camera setup at the back end and a 20MP front camera at the front end. The back camera might have an 8K recording feature at 24fps while the front camera might have a 4K recording feature at 30fps.
Look — The Redmi K50 pro plus is going to have a full glass body, with an aluminum frame. The camera cutout is expected to be rectangle in shape with a premium finish. On the front side, the bezels are going to be very thin with a tiny punch-hole design.
While the price point of this smartphone has not been disclosed anywhere, I feel this smartphone is going to be the best smartphone of 2022 as no other flagship devices are coming up soon this year.



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