Should You Buy The Samsung Galaxy A12?

Big battery, huge storage, and a reliable processor at Rs. 13,000. You decide.

After having thoroughly researched Samsung’s newest MediaTek powered venture, It seems to me that the Samsung A12 brings a few compelling points to the table. For the price of 13K, you get a smartphone with a huge battery, enormous storage, and a trusty processor. I think if you are on the lookout for a smartphone that meets these criteria, you can safely consider going for the Samsung A12.

After first being released abroad last year, the Samsung Galaxy A12 seems to have finally stepped into the Indian market to test the waters. I have a feeling that this smartphone will do quite well here because all things considered, the Galaxy A12 seems to be a solid smartphone at an affordable price.

What stands out the most is the enormous 5,000 mAh battery that it comes equipped with. This really shines the spotlight on the usability of this phone as it seems like Samsung has kept in mind user preferences. It also comes with 128GB storage which can be expandable up to 1000GB. Awesome!

At the heart of this phone lies the MediaTek Helio P35 chipset which was a bit unexpected since most people thought that Samsung would go for a chipset within the G series. Nevertheless, the Helio P35 works fine when it comes to normal smartphone usage and shouldn’t give you any problems in that regard.

What’s great is that the Galaxy A12 comes at such an attractive price point. This seems perfect for anyone who desires a low-budget smartphone with great without having to empty all their savings on a flagship model.

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