The Big Bang Theory!

Well, before I confuse anyone with the title of the article, it is not about the theory in particular rather it is about the show. I hope that does not disappoint anymore. I had watched a show a few years back and recently I started to re-watch it again. I liked the show before also and I am liking it right now also which I wasn’t really expecting. The same thing I followed with the F.R.I.E.N.D.S show. I am a huge fan however I started having different thoughts of the show when I came around to re-watching the show again. There are a bunch of things that are wrong with the show and I was expecting the same with the Big Bang Theory series.

Come to think of it, even though the show ended, I think the show had space to keep going more than what it was. I like the character of Lenoard and also Penny actually. Their relationship and the ups and downs of their relationship was quite relatable to some extent. I had found Sheldon to be okay-ish and you would eventually get tired of his eccentricities and just learn to live with it and that’s exactly what I felt when I watched the show the second time. Initially, he was okay and by okay I mean bearable and I can’t think of living with such a person for so long and then comes Amy who replaces Leonard in terms of tolerating Sheldon.

I really like how the guys are shown as scientists and yet enjoy things that are usually meant for kids. Like the happiness and the excitement, they go through just before Halloween. The Big Bang Theory stars Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons and Leonard and Sheldon, two nerdy physicists with sky-high IQs and a passion for anything nerds have ever liked starting from science to history, Star Trek and Star wars as well. Eventually, everything changes when Penny (Kaley Cuoco), an attractive and sexy blonde becomes their next-door neighbour. This delights Leonard and his friends Raj and Howard (Kunal Nayyar and Simon Helberg), but has little effect on Sheldon, who sees her as more of an inconvenience than a potential mate.

Sheldon doesn’t understand social relationships to the point of borderline autism. But it’s supposed to be “fun” autism because this results in nearly all of the show’s best jokes as Sheldon attempts to become less Vulcan and more human from time to time. Although I have come across articles or interviews where it seemed like this show can definitely be taken as offensive by nerds.

The whole point of the show is supposed to revolve around the life of nerds and actually, they make it so funny that I want to be a part of their nerdy group. The view for the general audience is supposed to be through Penny’s eyes, just an ordinary girl who is constantly amused by all the geeky stuff these guys do. However, they got so comfortable around Penny in one episode, when the guys reveal their Friday night plans of playing “Klingon Boggle.” It was hilarious and cool at the same time. I would love to be a part of the Friday night rituals.

There are certainly different opinions about the show. What do you guys think of the show?



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