The legendary Motorola returns with Moto Tab G70

It's tough competition in the tech world, each brand needs to catch up with every brand to be the best. With so many unique features and with the best elegant design every brand is brushing towards its succession. Motorola is a big brand that has been in the legends of amusing every audience with its fantastic versatile devices that has been on the top-notch for decades. Once again Motorola has stormed the tech world with the launch of the Moto Tab G70. It is a splendid device that can be used for daily purposes. There are more tablets that have come before Moto tab G70 but the new G70 has all the desired features and specs that will allow the device to perform smoothly without any defects.

Well let us roll our sleeves and look deeper at this beastly device


It comes with a very clean and simple design and the appearance is durable with lightweight construction. The size of the tablet is a good decent size easy to carry around in a bag without worrying about the weight.


The screen size is perfect for the right usage and portability with a super sleek 7.5mm aluminium body. The IPS LCD display comes intact with 2K resolution with bezels covered. The finishing of the screen is very smooth and glossy. the quality of brightness, colour and sharpness is fantastic and would satisfy any user for the operation of any activities like even for outdoor use.


The processor is generated by Mediatek Helio G90T which is massive, which would allow performing well from day to day use. It can also handle casual gaming along with any operational apps. Comes with 4GB of RAM. The G90T, chipset would deliver good performance. Another heads up of this device is the availability of the Google Kids Space app, which would allow kids to use and learn things according to the age group.


The battery life comes to support with a massive 7700mAh battery which is not usual as one would not see such battery back up in many tablets.


In many cases, tablets don't offer quality in the camera section but Moto Tab G70 is packed with good cameras front and back with great colour and contrast. Allowing to capture any moment or memories with good quality pictures in and out.

The Moto Tab G70 has elevated the bars for tablets and once again Motorola has done it.

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