Vivo Y01 and Vivo Y21A Comparison

Every smartphone brand has a set price segment where it focuses, but Vivo is one such smartphone brand that has been consistently releasing quality smartphones in multiple price ranges. Vivo recently released Vivo Y21A, a quality smartphone priced at around Rs 13,000. After a few weeks of its release, Vivo is coming up with another smartphone in the same price range, VIvo Y01. Let us take these two smartphones and compare their features side by side to understand Vivo’s versatility and the wide range of features it has.

Processor — Vivo y21A comes with a Mediatek Helio P22 processor. This is an octa-core processor with the top speed of 2.0GHz. The Vivo Y01 smartphone is said to be releasing with the Mediatek Helio P35 smartphone processor. This processor has a top speed of 2.35GHz. Both these processors are similar in nature, but Mediatek Helio P35 is a slightly faster and more efficient smartphone processor.

Memory — Vivo Y21A has 4GB RAM which expandable upto 1GB virtually. THe smartphone also has 64GB expandable storage memory. Vivo Y01 on the other hand is said to have two RAM variants, 2GB and 3GB. Both these variants have 32GB storage space that is expandable through an SD card. Vivo Y21A has LPDDR 4X type RAM and UFS 2.1 storage. As there is no news about Vivo Y01, we have no idea which type of RAM and ROM this smartphone will have.

Display — Display features are almost same in both these devices for what we know till now. Vivo y21A has a 6,5inch display with IPS LCD HD+ screen. Vivo Y01 is also expected to have the same screen. The Vivo Y21A however has an eye protection mode that filters out blue light, There is no news of such a feature in the upcoming Vivo Y01. Also, both smartphones are slim and sleek. Vivo Y21A has a premium look and a first hold. While I do not know anything about the look of Vivo Y01, the in-hand feel of the smartphone will surely be amazing.

Battery — Vivo Y21A smartphone has a 5000mAh battery along with a 10W charging, but supports upto 18W charging. The Vivo Y21A is charged pretty fast and lasts an entire day with the battery backup. Vivo Y01 on the other hand has a 5000mAh battery, but with a 10W charger. This means Vivo Y21A is a slightly faster device in charging.

With an interesting comparison, we can conclude that both these smartphones provide efficient quality, according to their price range. Comment below your favorite device out of the two.




Pop culture whiz. Social Media junkie. Web guru. Unapologetic Trash TV connoisseur. I write more than I read. Talk to me about all things Tech.

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Shaurya Sharma

Shaurya Sharma

Pop culture whiz. Social Media junkie. Web guru. Unapologetic Trash TV connoisseur. I write more than I read. Talk to me about all things Tech.

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