Which Countries Have a Travel Ban on India?

While several countries are easing travel restrictions for India as the country sees a lower number of COVID-19 infections, several others have already extended travel bans on India. The main concern driving some countries to extend the travel ban is the spread of Delta variant. Currently, Delta variant of COVID-19 has, reportedly, spread to more than 100 countries, which is likely being looked upon as one of the possible reasons for some countries issuing travel bans on India.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia recently introduced one of strictest rules and punishments to control the spread of COVID-19. As per the reports, the Saudi Arab government stated that it will impose a three-year travel ban and hefty penalties on those who visit the Red List countries of which India is a part.


Etihad Airways has also announced that flights from India to the United Arab Emirates will continue to remain banned until August 2, although the national carrier of UAE tweeted that it’s not sure as to when the ban will be lifted.

The Phillipines

Their govt has recently extended travel restrictions for those travelling to 10 countries, including India, till August 15. This move comes in the wake of rising Delta variant cases in the said countries.


Canada recently extended a ban on incoming passenger flights from India for another month to curb the spread of the Delta variant of COVID-19. The flight ban which was supposed to be lifted on July 21, has now been extended till August 21. As reported earlier, this is for the fourth time that the ban has been extended since it was first imposed on April 22.

Regarding this, a press release was issued by Health Canada, which stated that the ban was in line with the ‘public health advice’. Further, those travelling to Canada from India via an indirect route, will be required to undergo a mandatory pre-departure negative RT-PCR test before resuming their journey forward.

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